Feature in Portfolio Day 9, at Etobicoke School of the Arts in November, 2018.

The distorted self-portrait is the product of a[n energy] Circuit Seance. The installation was created to conduct Inter-Transcommunication (ITC), known as communication with the supernatural.  I assembled an energy circuit of four TVs: one on an open-frequency static channel, opening an energy portal; an audio track of my own frequency [Hz], accompanied by the images of its Tarot Major Arcana numerical correspondences; and the remaining two playing a film where the screens engage in conversation over self-analyzation. The TVs enclosed on a small body of water, projecting the emotional, energetic intent of each component unto the self-portrait placed within. Being that the body is made up of 70% water, it also serves as a symbol of the self. Energetic responses were recorded through a test of homeopathic concept, Water Memory, the ability for water to retain emotions and memories. In commencing the circuit, I performed a verbal ritual inviting spirits to come through the open portal and make their presence known through energetic contributions. In this two-part project, the motive was for spirit to energetically charge the water with intent and contribute its own response to the self-analytical conversation taking place via manipulation of the portrait.  The result is as follows.